I Just Housecleaned My Blog

Published September 22, 2010 by lamsmith0609
Yes, it is true, and I deleted out almost 1700+ "friends".  This was no small feat, took 3.5 hours, and my thumb hurts.  I believe my address/acct information was used by someone else because of course I had it out there on this blog. So, because of this I now have 56 fabulous friends on my friends list and sporting a higher privacy setting.
I know I have inadvertantly deleted some folks I should not have. Please forgive me and send me an invite and I will accept you back into the fold…  if you pass certain criteria that is. Or I will find you. 
It was truly time to clean it up in that list and I feel I’ve accomplished something big.  As of now, there remain not one uncovered body part and I’ve become an old auntie… 

Basia, Time and Tide Video

Published July 25, 2010 by lamsmith0609
This blog started out as a Nessie blog, to host photos of interesting stuff the Nessie Group had thought they’d captured on film. As a matter of fact there is a great photo album of our fabulous finds hosted in my albums called Loch Ness Stuff.  (And, as another matter of fact, Mikko, the web master has a new high def web cam up. A great view. Click HERE if you wish to check it out quick. BUT, you watch long enough you will see something, just let me know too.) Anyway, after the Nessie thing, I switched it up to a music hosting blog. Then it was a Hippie kind of blog with a twist of the supernatural.  Then an art blog.  This little old blog has seen a few transformations throughout the years and there is a lot of interesting tid-bits within it. 
Anyway, (I digress and am becoming sentimental) I wanted to pick out ONE SONG that represents how I feel – one that could stand the test of time and be appropriate for the ages. One that could sit here at the top of my blog for awhile while I deal with a whole lot of crazieness and personal issues in my life right now. Of course, the music video possibilities were endless, but Basia’s, Time and Tide stood out A WHOLE BUNCH in my mind.  For the lyrics you may click HERE. 
And, as I bow out for awhile now, to continue to deal with family, friends, and two very busy careers, I leave you with a beautiful video of a song that I believe stands the test of time and does justice as a first look at my blog. Please please feel free to dig deeper within my blog as there are fabulous things to find.
I hope that you are having a fabulous summer!  Mine can only be classified as "meh" this year. And a very bland "meh" that is…
… and with that I bow out from here for awhile.
Peace and Love for ever and ever, LAMS
The Hippie Wannabe



Published July 25, 2010 by lamsmith0609
Who among us has not known someone like "Joy" in Frenemies? I know I have. And of course, I feel that I am definitely (if in name sake only) the Lori character. I do suppose, depending on who you ask, some would call me the Joy character.  And Uff-da to that.  But anyway, the heading caught my eye (What happens when your husband flirts with your high school nemesis?). Clearly I could relate and I watched the entire series to see how it ends. I found this little series extremely entertaining. It runs approximately one hour long. Also, it’s smooth running and virus free. It is brought to you by Toyota (who needs some good publicity these days).
I can so relate that I determined this link just has to be on my blog.  There are alot of me-Me-ME-mean girls out there, to be sure.
Now regarding my blog: My blog and I have fallen out of love. Plain and simple as that. Instead, I have fallen for an official dot com site.  My new on-line home is brand new and currently in its baby-stages, and I don’t know when it will be complete. It is a work in progress, but I will link and make an announcement if ever I get there. Until then, I will be here and on Facebook.
P&L, from Lori – and watch this video some day! I give it two thumbs UP!


When Someone Steals Your Kodak Moment

Published April 14, 2010 by lamsmith0609
When Someone Steals Your Kodak Moment
Rated PG-13
And by the way, I am a grandmother again!
My second grandchild’s name is Evan Gabriel.
More on this later. Check back soon!
UPDATE 7/10:
Real Kodak moments from my son, Stephen, and grandson, Evan.
Stephen and Evan 1
Stephen and Evan 2

Happy Easter

Published April 4, 2010 by lamsmith0609
Happy Easter to my Christian Friends.
Happy Passover to my Jewish Friends.
And to my Athiest Friends, I say, Good Luck!
Have wonderful days! I have so much to relay! New art to post, new stories to tell.
I have been quite busy with living life. So very busy. Man.

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